About Tastefully Halal

We are a comprehensive one-stop online catalogue specially dedicated to representing the best Halal establishments (not just food!) in Singapore. We do this by sharing Halal businesses that already exist as well as getting the help of the community to suss out Halal establishments that have newly opened or hidden gems that have yet to be discovered by the masses. 

Building a Community

Whether you’re a local looking for the nearest Halal home bakery or a tourist in search of an Islamic bank in Singapore, Tastefully Halal will be able to lend a hand with that. The reviews found on our platform also help you, our readers make more informed decisions. The crux of it all is that we want to build a community of readers, writers, customers and Halal business owners on a single platform where everyone benefits from each other’s contribution in one way or another.

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We use this space to promote and sell selected Halal or permissible in Islam products and services. Check out our shop now! 


What better way to bring the community together than through food? We are excited to share our Share a Recipe page where you can share your favourite recipes with others and of course claim bragging rights to the dish. 

Get Featured

If you’re a budding home baker or a new business owner starting out, we’re here for you. Every month, we select up to three small businesses to highlight on our website. You will be featured for free for three days. In addition, we will help promote your business via our various social media platforms during this period.

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